White and Gold or Blue and Black Dress Analyzed

White and Gold or Blue and Black Dress Analyzed

By Ann Nguyen

As I had tweeted, light sensitivity is probably a reason why we see different colors.

To break it down, let's look at what it is and the pro and con to it. *Warning, this could be a bunch of bullshits or actual facts. :o)

Light sensitive people (people who see white and gold) will pick up nearby light sources. In other words, their eyes are able to enhance light to the point where colors doesn’t matter as much as light. If the surrounding light is bright enough and confine to an area, it will overpower colors. In this case, blue will become white and gold.

There are many other interesting things about it, but why go into that? You’re here for the pro and con. Luckily, I have already graduated and have no need to support all my BS with evidences and citations, leaving us with all the fun stuffs. So with that, let’s proceeded.

Light Sensitive People

Pro: In an emergency, where unnatural darkness can occur, you people will live. In a sense, you will have the ability to avoid falling objects from no where, falling into pits of despair, and falling in general. In case of being robbed, you'll be able to shoot the right person instead of a love one. You will also be able to find a light at the end of the tunnel and then getting out of it.

Con: However, if you people are being chased by a lion, in a blinding hot desert, while searching for blue berry to eat or to feed the lion, you people will die. For starter, lions do not eat blue berry. Worst you're missing out on the blue berry because you're seeing white and gold berry everywhere. Now there's nothing to feed the lion, and you're doomed to be eated. Consequently, your strength at seeing in the dark will blinded you in the light, sending you running into the mouth of the lion.

The Hunter Type People.

Pro: For those who see the dress as Black and blue, you people are designed to hunt. In the blinding desert, you people can spot a deer from miles away. Not only that, you people will be able to distinguish landmarks quicker because you can see the outline of something sharper and more clearly than light sensitive people.

Con: However in unnatural darkness, be prepared to accidentally kill a love one. You people should not be trusted with guns in pit darkness. Your strength in the light will rob you of your sight in the void of darkness. To live, you need to be extra careful of falling objects. And you must avoid walking to places where there are large holes and/or objects blocking your path.

Why, Why, Why?!

Light sensitivity is something our eyes adapt and adjust to depending on our environment. It's not genetic. Basically, if you spend most of your time indoor, you'll have more chance of being more sensitive to light. However, if you are more active, out and about, you 'll be less sensitive to light.