Say No To Vampire

Three Reasons Not To Date Vampires/Players

By Ann Nguyen

He just want blood!

1. He only seduce you to suck your blood! Once you've dried up and bloodless, it's on to seduce the next victim. Talk about not being loyal. Sure at the moment, he seemed mysterious, and you want to know why. But after you stop being dinner, the mask that he wears comes off. It's suddenly then that you see this stranger in front of you. He's not who he said he was. He's not what he seemed to be. You've brought into this life and received a bait and switch tactic. Plus, my god! some of them are pretty damn scary looking! Even the good looking one are scary inside!

It's innocent blood!

Next thing you know, you're waiting for the person that never were. Some times if he's evil enough, he'll turned you into a vampire. Now your hunting other to gain what innocent you've lost or maybe you're just hungry. Whatever the reasons, do you want to live forever scared of garlic? A sad twisted faith when you've fallen for a Vampire/Player. If you're a vampires lover and you disagreed, let me say you're not looking at it from the point of view of the person that's being sucked dry!

Is there a true romantic Vampire?

2. Don't always believe everything you see in the movies theater. Those movies always make you think that Vampires are romantic, but can you picture your everyday with a Vampire? Picture with me.

Will your Vampire drain you like he use to?

He has just came home after draining someone. Do you think he's in the mood to drain you? No! he's full. Your blood is not fresh blood. It's blood that you've eaten from someone else. Not only that, when he do try to drain you, it's in small sips. Like he had to do it and not because he wanted to. Of course, he won't bother to tell you that he had just eaten. It's all lies. He'll give you the "Oh no honey, I love you. I haven't eaten anybody lately."

Will you still care?

The sad part is you might not even care after a while cause you've been converted into one yourself. And maybe, you have been secretly eating somebody behind his back too. Come on friends, don't let that happen to you. A Vampire/Player is not the person you want or want to be.

Greedy Vampires want more and more.

3. As well, do you realized how much a Vampire eat? It's like when he's hungry, he'll suck the whole person dry in one sitting! Either that or suck a little at a time from five different people. It seemed easier to drain one than hunt for five.The scary part is if he are hungry enough he'll eat anybody. Do you think he is going to tell you who he's been eating? No! he'll lie.

All he wants is blood!

Cause you know when his goal is blood, it not so important who got the blood. I'm not saying all Vampires are like this, but in general, they are called blood sucker for a reason. Don't be the victim of his blood sucking tactic! If he's the worst kind, you'll get one good suck, and then a little slip every now and then. Will you truly be happy? Will it be the same excitement as the first time? No! cause the first suck is just to lure you in! You're just crops to him. He's letting you heal, so he could eat you again. After the novelty wore off, will it be the same? Probably not, you're dead. Don't be sadden by this. Have hope. You can resist a Vampire before it's too late.

Sorry! No blood today!

How do you protect yourself from a Vampire? The simplest trick is to not give a Vampire/Player blood that your body work so hard to produce. He'll try really hard to bite you, but you have to be strong, and you have to stand your ground. You have to say, "Sorry, no blood today!" Even if he requests just a little pint, be strong and just say no to blood. If still, he persisted because Vampires are so darn persistence. Give him, the "My blood is not your blood. My blood is my blood. Your blood is your blood, and bloody hell! stop trying to eat me!"

Why not Role Play?

Conclusively, do not get involve with a Vampire/Player, they are only after your blood. But if you must have and want the excitement of a Vampire/Player, find a nice person who's willing to role play. It's a Win/Win without the blood lost.

*Note to reader. Blood to player is money, and blood to a vampire is food. So don't date a player who just want to use you for your money.