Kissing Animals

Why Do Animals Kiss?

By Ann Nguyen

If they do, are there any tongue actions?

Kissing checkup!

They kiss to sample the good that their affectionate have been eating. In a survival of the fitness(fittest for the scientific people), knowing their mates eating habits can help them to determined their mate's health. In a lifetime partnership, and not a causal one timer, the kissing animals will want their mates to live longer to help with the raising of their offspring. By kissing, the animals can check whether or not their mates have been successful at finding food. If their mates have just finish eating, they can also bond through sharing of the goods, little bits and pieces of it.

In search of the true puffiness.

Even thought animals can look at each other to determine health, it is sometimes very difficult to determine if an animal is fat or thin under all those features and furs. It's the fake puffy one that can be dangerous to mate with. In that, unhealthy partner will lead to unhealthy babies. Unhealthy babies will have less chance of survival. Hence, lifetime pairing animals will kiss several times a day first before hooking up.

Will there be tongue?

Conclusively, kissing is important, and yes there is tongue actions. How else can they truly sample without a little tongue actions? The corner of the mouth lies hidden a bountiful amount of bits and pieces of undiscovered news about their mates, and little tongue goes a long way. Furthermore, kissing is not just for lifetime pairing, but also for family relations. The article did not focus on that, but it assumed parents check up on their offspring's diet in the same fashion.

More to a kiss.

Aside from kissing for health reasons, kissing animals can also kiss for entertainment, bonding, and for all the romantic ideology we human associate with kissing. In other words, awww, they love each other.

How about the one timers?

This article did not focus on the one timers and whether or not they kiss for these purposes. It's assumed, if they do kiss, it's merely for entertainment.

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