Car Pool Waiver

This was written when I had to be the carpool driver for a Lake Tahoe trip. Being the driver, I had to make sure that people follow certain guideline. Each passenger were required to sign this before I can pick him/her up. It was all jokes, until I actually lost a passenger who was supposed to ride with me. I didn't realized he took it so seriously. A warning to anyone who wish to follow suit. If you write any kind of fake waivers, make sure they know it's humorous in nature, and not an actual thing they have to do.

Carpool Waiver

by Ann Nguyen

I _______________________hereby waiver my rights to sue the following party: Ann Nguyen and/or The Nguyen Family in case of bodily injuries. I am fully aware of the unusual risks involved and the danger that are connected with this activity. As such, I agree to follow all needed guidelines to insure the safety of myself and any fellow carpoolers. I understand that failure to follow such guidelines/rules will result in the suspension of my carpooling privileges.

As the first part of the carpooling conditions/terms, I am required to follow the following guidelines and/or rules.

1. I will not sticking out my head, arms, legs or any body parts while the vehicle is moving nor will I jump or attempt to jump off a moving vehicle. In extreme case of boredom, I understand that jumping off a vehicle will only be entertaining for few seconds, as such; I will bring something else to amuse myself quietly.

*Case exception: One finger may be display when situation calls for it. Such as, when, a nearby driver has been rude or a-hole-ish. At no time should the finger be display to other carpool members or to car pool driver herself.

2. I will not mumble nonsense to myself about alien and outer world experiences. Again, I understand that such actions will only frighten my fellow carpoolers instead of amuse. If I have to mumble, I will agree to mumble quietly to myself, so as to not disturb anyone who might be engaging in a conversation. Better still, I will participate in actually conversation that can be heard instead mumbling without purposes.

3. When the driver is stress, I understand that there's no talking or loud noise making. The breathing should be kept to a minimum. I agree to not take unnecessary long or loud breathe unless necessary. This is especially true of traffic hours and/or mountains driving. I am aware that each loud distractions can send the driver flying into the cliffs. To soothe the driver, I will bring tasty food and cool beverages to help alleviate the problems.

The second part of the condition, I will also provide proof of medical insurance. If none is available, one will be appointed to me by Ann’s Backyard Medical, at an additional cost of a $100.00.

**Note: Ann's Backyard Medical will involve a backyard, and no actual personnel with medical training.**

_______________________________ ___________________

Signature: Date:

I, enclosed:

A $25.00 processing fee and an additional $100.00 if no medical insurance proof is provide.