Buttercream, A New Way of Saying He's Gay.

By Ann Nguyen

Why Buttercream, Why?

Have you ever wonder what to call a homosexual man? Is the word gay getting a little boring? Do you need something new and fresh to use? Introducing buttercream, when you want to say he's gay but in a fashionable new way. For as long as people will accept it, come one and all and start using it. Let's start today.

On Cautionary Tale

Please do not jump to conclusion if someone stated that he like buttercream. He may not realize he's saying his gay. It isn't fair to make someone gay when he is not. Nor is it fair to assume he's gay without telling him why. Remember, words should not be the only mean to determine a person's gender preference. There should be at least some sort of actions to back up the statement. You don't to have witness the actions, but you do need to know for sure before judging him as a buttercream.

Truly, It's Very Important

Don't. I repeat. Don't assumed he's buttercream unless it's true. Cause if you outed someone who's not in the closet, he'll be piss off! Trust me, watch enough action movies and you'll know this statement to be true.

The List Start Here

Anyway, let's move on. This article is about listing different ways in which buttercream and homosexuality innuendo intermingle in a few sentences. With just few words, we suddenly realized buttercream will never be the same again. This list will grow as the mood come and go. Okay let's get started.

1. You can't hit that! He's a buttercream!

2. Oh the shame. He's that guy's buttercream.

3. You can't tell! He's too creamy. He's a buttercream.

4. Look away. They are mixing buttercream!

5. Girl, leave the buttercream alone. He's not interested.

6. Oh I get it now. He's a buttercream.

7. Stop! you are not a buttercream. I'm your dad. I know.

8. Boy, you better back off. He's my best friend's buttercream.

9. Don't even think about it. They are called buttercream for a reason.

10. Would you stop acting like such a buttercream. (Can be used as an insult even if the person is not.)

11. What exactly is a buttercream? I don't know. A guy who lotion a lot, hence, the creamy texture.

12. Check out that buttercream in corner, said a buttercream guy.

13. Why is that buttercream in the corner? said a girl.

To be continue....

**A little history of buttercream's birth. Several hours ago (5/7/2018 at 7:00pm), I was watching a cook show at the same time searching for cook shows to watch on my other computer when a video ad pop up about buttercream. This was right after I had thought we needed new way to say gay. Was it meant to be? Yes it was! If it wasn't for that, this article would have not existed. Yahhh to strange things happening.

Why was I thinking we needed to new way to say gay? Well, the cook show that I was watching had a buttercream talking about another buttercream being so creamy, and I for lack of originality thought he's gay! After saying that, I thought hmmm...that's boring. The rest as you may know is history. Now if you're wondering if I went crazy after watching too many cook shows, you're wrong. It's was meant to be.