Bugs! Is It Your Next Food Dish?

Bugs! Is It Your Next Food Dish?

By Ann Nguyen

According to this video (http://bit.ly/1iA4OJb), bugs got more proteins than meats. They can save us on farming spaces, water supplies, and fat contents. However, I like to argue the opposing point. Skipping the eek! factor.

We don't like to eat bugs because...

1. There's nothing to chew. We like to chew.

Even thought you can fry it, bake it, sweet it up, and mix it with stuff to make it chewable, bugs are not chewable. They are too slimy and squishy inside. I have killed a few, and I swear I know this to be true.

2. They are too small. If you can't see it, how can you eat it?

Beside that, in order to fill up, you got to eat like a million of them. Who have the time to eat a million bugs? Even if you smooch them together, it'll still be a million little thingy. I don't know about you, but just the thought of eating a million something automatically raise my calories counts, and make me feel fat.

3. What will birds eat if we steal all their food?

They will go hungry and that will be wrong. What about other creatures that eat bugs? Do we want to be fighting them for food? After all, they have been eating it way before us.

4. Bugs are not picky eater. They'll eat anything...like trash.

What if some corrupted bugs farmer decided to cheat us and feed them trash instead of something wholesome? Where will we be? How are we to know if they have been eating something wholesome or something trashy? The unknown is too scary.

5. What if everybody start eating bugs, and bugs farms become more popular? Can you see the danger in that? You can't? I can!

If bugs farmers become more popular, the world will be overrun with little creatures that will find a way to escape. When they escape, they will mate like crazy until they over throw our government and inflict chaos onto society. It'll no longer be safe to walk the street! Can you see the danger in that?!

6. As well, the one giant negative that we cannot neglect.

Bugs like to mate and grow in numbers. Evolution is bound to happen. If they are everywhere, there's bound to be evolution! Have you heard of survival of the fitness or Planet of the Ape? Instead of monkey, bugs. Human working for bugs overlords. Too scary!

7. Additionally, we don't like eating bugs because... We've made a commitment to not be influenced by Popular T.V show like Fear Factor.

Yes, it's not easy to resist televisions saying just do it, but those with a strong will, can and will, resist this temptation of eating bugs!

8. To argue the flip side to when and why we can...and is allowed to eat bugs.

1. When our will power is not as strong as we thought, and we've been peer pressured into going on a t.v show that peer pressured us into eating it. If we don't, we lose money and that hurt!

2. We are doing it for kick, cause you know, sometimes we're bored.

3. We've been dared, and in some cases double dared!

4. We are eating it because it's religious and holy.

5. We are curious, and want to know if bugs taste like bugs or do they taste like chicken?

6. Someone had told us eating bugs will help us to lose weight, cause we are so gullible.

7. We have watched the video linked above, and really believe it's healthy for us...and we want to be healthy.

8. We think that everybody is doing it, and we don't want to be left out.

9. We want to be scared as we're eating it...you know, cause some people like to watch scary movies.

10. Maybe we have accidentally smoke something that make it hard for us to tell different between bugs and meat!

11. Or maybe we look too innocent and want to be a deviant to society!

12. Or maybe being shun by society and getting on T.V is cool.

13. Lastly, we are eating it because there are more reasons to eat bugs than there are reasons not to eat them!

9. To counter reason number 8, and make it null and void, we will look at reasons 1-7 and justified that 8 is misplaced reasoning leading to faulty conclusion.

In other words, just because there are more reasons to 8, it doesn't mean you have to 8 the bugs.